We are a creative, vibrant and caring community that empowers each learner to discover their reason for being.

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Children with a bilingual education are more adaptable.

Bilingual Learning


Learners develop their communication & listening skills through art.

Creative Arts


We look forward to welcoming your family to our learning community.

Waldorf Inspired


Our Creative Learning

Creative Waldorf inspired learning at Bambujaya takes place in our wholesome environment,  
surrounding our bilingual learners with nature, beauty and time to enjoy the outdoors.
Together we learn, grow and explore in Siem Reap, laying the foundation for the future of Cambodia!

For a deeper understanding and to build responsibility we include:

  • Creative hands-on activities to reinforce learning
  • Stimulating visual aids and math materials
  • Drawing and painting
  • Gardening on site - growing and caring for plants, nature activities
  • Cooking and food preparation- both traditional and international
  • Movement – learning through doing, cooperative games, traditional dance, yoga

Discover our Kindergarten

Our early childhood years, focus on listening and speaking skills, cooperation and practical activities. This approach provides a strong foundation for the formal instruction that begins in Grade 1.

About Us

Bambujaya is a private, bilingual, Khmer and English speaking school in the centre of Siem Reap, with a very welcoming community of families.

We provide child-led and project based education inspired by the Waldorf-Steiner approach in a unique, natural environment for early kindergarten and primary aged learners.



Our reason for being is to empower every child to realise their reason for being.


To be a place where every child’s heart, mind and body are nurtured, so that they are in

harmony within, and with the world, spreading love, peace and purpose in all that they do.

That’s very hard to answer! We are a creative, vibrant and caring community that empowers each learner to discover their reason for being. We encourage learners to be adventurous without being reckless, taking care whilst taking risks. We are keen on the highest possible learning environment, good manners, and a friendly, comfortable, affectionate atmosphere. We see learning as an energised affair, where learners engage with the world in ways that are active, stimulating and motivating.

There is no uniform, and class sizes are small, and in 2019-20 will range from 3 to 10 years old. We are out and about much more than other learning environments in Cambodia. We have lots of excursions and activities. We are quite a musical environment – everyone has music sessions every week. There are also two sessions each week where everyone enjoys yoga and meditation. There is plenty of free time to explore outdoor learning in our natural environment. Our Bambujaya meals include a wonderful range of healthy choices, but as well, learners can raid the cafeteria for a piece of fruit as they go past to their next class. At the end of each day the learners and Bambujaya team clean the whole school, as we believe that people should be responsible for cleaning up after themselves in life, in both a literal and an abstract sense.

Our learning facilitators are quite extraordinary, chosen for their unusual skills and interesting backgrounds. We always endeavor to choose kindness. We all have a vested interest in making this a positive and successful community.

Our English program is built around the four literacy skills: speaking, listening, reading and writing. In keeping with child development and the natural way we learn a language, speaking and listening is the first focus, while in the later years reading and writing become the focus. All four literacy skills are introduced throughout the early grades, as the children practice through many different and numerous activities.

English through the arts inspires self-confidence, fosters creativity, models and encourages cooperation while providing opportunities to practice the four literacy skills. Further, it provides an international view through the introduction of different cultures and customs.

Our English program is based on the Steiner/Waldorf method of teaching, proven for 100 years across the globe. All English classes are taught, or overseen by a certified Waldorf teacher with 20 years in education and experience in teaching all subjects in grades 1-8.

Our Khmer curriculum is based on child development, inspired by a 100 year old educational philosophy, preparing our learners at every grade level. We foster pride in their own language and the rich, traditional Khmer culture. At Bambujaya, our learners are also exposed to an international viewpoint to prepare them for a future full of opportunities. Core subjects taught are Khmer, Mathematics, Social Studies and Science.

By educating the hands, heart and head, we encourage compassion, appreciation, and creativity. Our vibrant learning environment nurtures each child, so they blossom and develop the courage to believe in their unique qualities and inner talent. They embrace challenges with passion and perseverance, respectfully supporting each other with understanding.

Our exciting hands-on approach leads to curiosity and better retention of the material. Bambujaya graduates will be a new generation of leaders, who love their country and are also ready to meet the challenges of our changing world.

All this learning takes place in our wholesome environment, surrounding our learners with nature, beauty and time to enjoy the outdoors. Together we learn, grow, explore and lay the foundation for the future of Cambodia!

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Bambujaya is a learning focused bilingual school empowering learners through the Bambujaya way ... our unique approach of supporting our learners to discover their reason for being.

Our Tuition

Annually $4980 Plan 1
  • The entire balance is paid prior to your child’s first day of learning.
Quarterly $1308 Plan 2
  • Payments are made in four installments by quarter.
Capital fee +$600 annually
  • This is required for all learners, new and returning.
Enrolment fee +$500 one-time
  • This is a one-time charge for new learners to Bambujaya.



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    We are located at Svay Prey Village, Svay Dangkum Commune, Siem Reap City, Cambodia

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