Tuition & Fees

Bambujaya Bilingual School

In learning about Waldorf-inspired education, you will find something very different:

  • a balanced and integrated curriculum that exposes learners to a wide variety of subjects;
  • an education both deep and broad that considers the study of art, music and languages essential;
  • a lively approach to math and science through practical application;
  • and a beautiful, rhythmically-paced environment that nurtures the healthy development of each unique child.
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Tuition and Fees 2021 - 2022

For your convenience, the following two (2) optional plans are available for payment of annual tuition:


Single payment – The entire balance is paid by 1st August 2021 (or prior to your child’s first day of learning at Bambujaya).


Four paymnets – Payments are made in 4 installments by Quarter and are due by:

  • 1st August 2021 (1st installment)
  • 1st November 2021 (2nd installment)
  • 1st February (3rd installment)
  • 1st May 2022 (4th installment)
Tuition Fees 2021 - 2022Plan 1 - Single PaymentPlan 2 - Four Payments
Year GroupPayment
Payment 1
Payment 2
Payment 3
Payment 4
Half Day
Pre-K / Kindergarten 1 (0800 - 1230)
Full Day
Kindergarten (0800 - 1500)

Grade 1 - 6 (0745-1510)

Enrolment Fee

Kindergarten & Grades 1-6: $500

The enrolment fee is a one-time charge for new learners to Bambujaya Bilingual School (Kindergarten & Grades 1-6). The enrolment fee is 100% non-refundable or transferable if, after paying this fee, a family decide not to enrol or re-enrol their child at Bambujaya.

Annual Capital Fee

Kindergarten & Grades 1-6: $600

This capital fee is required for all learners, new and returning, and is applied to cover the costs of maintaining the cleanliness and functionality of the Bambujaya campus & facilities, the maintenance and upgrade of the information technology available at Bambujaya, and to help fund future development at Bambujaya.

Tuition & Fees

This fee must be paid in full by Thursday 1st August 2021 (or prior to your child’s first day of learning at Bambujaya). The capital fee is a non-refundable and non-transferable charge.

LUNCH (optional)


Our ‘Healthy Eating’ lunch menus are available at our Bambujaya office.


1) All tuition and fees are due on the indicated dates. Late payments will incur an additional $25 per week charge, which will continue to be added each week thereafter until the fees are made current. Failure to make payments within three (3) weeks will result in the exclusion of your child from Bambujaya. In the case of there being a waiting list for your child’s class, the place will be given to the first child on that list.

2) Payments may be made in the following ways:

  1. US Dollar cheque drawn on a bank in Siem Reap
  2. Bank transfer into the Bambujaya’s bank account
  3. Cash

i) Transferring party is responsible to pay all bank transfer charges.
ii) Any cash note determined to be fraudulent – whether by Bambujaya or by our registered bank is the responsibility of and shall be replaced by the family who supplied the note for payment.

3) Full tuition payment will be required for the quarter in which enrolment occurs, regardless of the date of enrolment – i.e. no partial quarterly payments will be allowed.

4) Refunds on paid tuition will be granted at 90% value for learners leaving during the school year upon written requests only for full quarters not attended – i.e. no partial quarterly refunds will be given.

Refunds on tuition fees are applicable to learners being withdrawn from Bambujaya permanently and DO NOT apply to learners
who are absent for a period of time but remain on roll.

5) If requested by an individual family who pays school fees out of pocket, child number 2, 3, 4, etc. may be granted a discount on tuition fees only (excluding other fees: Enrolment, Capital, etc.). We do not discount our fees if you take extra holidays during school time or if your child is ill.