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Speciality Subjects

Creative learning at Bambujaya takes place in our wholesome environment, surrounding our learners with nature, beauty and time to enjoy the outdoors.

For a deeper understanding and to build responsibility we include:

  • Creative hands-on activities to reinforce learning
  • Stimulating visual aids and math materials
  • Drawing and painting
  • Gardening on site – growing and caring for plants, nature activities
  • Cooking and food preparation – both traditional and international
  • Music
  • Movement – learning through doing, cooperative games, traditional dance, yoga
Bambujaya Handwork & Crafts

Creating With Purpose​

Handwork & Crafts

Building on fine motor skills developed in Kindergarten, children in Grade 1 learn to knit and finger weave. As they use their hands to purposefully create items to wear, use and display, children are strengthening their will and perseverance. Throughout the grades they are also introduced to crocheting, cross-stitch, felting, traditional crafts, and sewing. As the process becomes more complex and children choose colour combinations, various patterns and specific materials, their handwork projects demonstrate their individuality and creativity. Another aspect of social interaction appears as their busy hands lead them to thoughtful conversation and mutual respect for the beautiful items they each create. 

Bambujaya Cooking

Nourishing our Bodies

Cooking & Food Preparation

Beginning with bread making and vegetable chopping in the early years, cookery is an important part of our learning experience. Aside from being an excellent opportunity to practice bilingual vocabulary, cooking allows the children to acquire a wide range of life skills. From safety lessons, to meal planning, actual food preparation and ending with the cleanup and presentation, cooking takes them through the whole process, so they develop respect and responsibility for our environment. A wide selection of both local and international dishes provides a chance to try new foods, learn about where food comes from and the different food choices of various cultures.

Bambujaya Music Lesson

Awakening the spirit


Music is an essential part of our Waldorf-inspired curriculum beginning in the early years with song and dance and continuing up through the grades with musical wind and string instruments and choral lessons. Music strengthens hand-eye coordination, memory, listening skills and recognition of patterns.  Recent research has confirmed that music improves a child’s ability to learn, especially in the area of mathematics and engages both sides of the brain for higher learning capacities.  Much more than that though, music connects children to their inner feelings, creates a lively social experience and fills our spaces with joyful sounds. 

“Where is the book in which the teacher can read about what teaching is? The children themselves are this book. We should not learn to teach out of any book other than the one lying open before us and consisting of the children themselves.”

Rudolf Steiner

Bambujaya Drama

Improving Focus

Movement & Drama

Movement is a daily component of our days, from our morning circles to classes in physical education and yoga. In all its forms, movement increases a child’s awareness of their own body and the surrounding space, builds self confidence and improves focus and concentration. While practising coordination, building strength and balance and acquiring specific sports skills, children have the opportunity to develop a healthy relationship to the capabilities of their body. In addition, movement classes rely on cooperation, social interactions and an appreciation for the individual gifts that each person brings to the group. Drama classes develop communication, leadership and critical thinking skills, as children memorise lines, try out new roles and work together to create a performance for all to enjoy.

Bambujaya Art Class

Fostering Imagination

Creative Arts

Drawing, painting and modelling are introduced in the first grade through block crayons, watercolours and beeswax. Children learn about the beauty of form and colour as they illustrate Main Lesson books, paint scenes from the curriculum and create small figures with beeswax. All through the grades, the creative arts reflect the curriculum stories and topics, becoming more complex with running forms, clay modelling and various painting techniques. Art fosters creativity while encouraging them to take risks and helping them to understand concepts visually.  Traditional styles and subjects are introduced as well, and all work is undertaken with the intention of awakening in children an appreciation of, and feeling for, the beauty of what humans create in our world.

Bambujaya Gardening

Connecting with Nature


On our new, expansive campus there is plenty of space to develop our gardening program. Through this connection with nature and the outdoors, children will gain a respect for the environment and an understanding of the multiple steps and hard work associated with growing food to nourish our bodies. As they take on the responsibility of tending plants, both in small classroom gardens and a larger kitchen garden, children take a keen interest in new foods and their preparation. There are few tasks more satisfying and purposeful than lovingly caring for seedlings, tending them as plants and finally harvesting and enjoying them for lunch or snack. What a joy for children to experience this cycle of nature and feel their own place within it!